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Content Driven Sales: Strategies, Formats, and Tips that Work!

The problematic rivalry between marketing and sales teams feels almost biblically ancient. I’ve seen CEOs begrudgingly decide which departments play the roles of Cain and Abel; hopelessly praying that the two blood rivals can eventually settle their differences. This is compounded by the fact that sales and marketing departments are becoming increasingly co-dependent. I believe […]

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Guide: How to easily earn content marketing buy-in across your organization

A successful content marketing program is never born in a silo. Thriving content initiatives are driven by cross-collaboration, buy-in from senior leadership, active participation across your organization, and a dash of passion (an often overlooked peculiarity). A siloed content marketing program is undoubtedly destined for failure. It denies valuable distribution opportunities, new content ideas, and […]

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How Yuta Media Creates Content That Matters

Over the past decade, I’ve worked with and for too many clients who wanted to run successful content marketing campaigns.  While startups, brands, and influencers have millions of great ideas on what topics to write about, most of them had no sustainable content marketing strategy that would set them up for long-term success.  There are […]

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